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Excerpt of Nurse Jack

CHAPTER 2: I Cried with Her

Men are tough, and women are the weaker sex. This is what used to be said years ago, and what an awful thing to say. There are many things we learn from our elders that we, unfortunately, should never have learned. We men look at women’s breasts all the time, even though we have been told by other women—our mothers for one—that women are not objects, or play toys, or to be taken for granted, and we must have respect for women, blah, blah, blah. It’s just Mom worrying about me again, we think to ourselves, she’s just being oversensitive. On the other hand, we men see women doing what could be described as showing off their breasts, wearing low-cut tops, no bra, etc., not that I have ever complained.

I believe just as young men learn bad habits, so do young women. Maybe not necessarily bad habits, but they quickly learn that if they have nice breasts, men will certainly pay attention to them. After all, it’s only human nature. It’s a biological fact that the male species is attracted to a female’s breasts. It’s part of the big picture of life. Have you ever wondered, though, whether both males and females put too much emphasis on women’s breasts? I wish we didn’t, and I will tell you why.

When I was all of 20 years old, I was stationed on a medical-surgical floor, near the end of my training, and I was very proficient at things like dressing changes and the like. I had on my patient list a very young female patient, Miss Green, who was post-operative after having had a total right-sided mastectomy. The report I was given was that the incision site had become infected, and I had to change the dressing, note the drainage, color amount, clean the incision, and apply a new dressing. Easy, no problem. I had changed lots of dressings.

I walked into the room to find Miss Green staring out the window with a very sad look on her face, and I could tell right away this was going to be anything but easy, especially for her.

To read more about Miss Green, and other true hospital stories, read Nurse Jack!

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